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Pekan Ilmiah Vlog

Here's my recap vlog about Pekan Ilmiah yesterday, Enjoy!

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Edu Passion Vlog

Here's a short video about my edu passion vlog.


Activity 1
Text 1
Elements of the Announcement Found/Not Found Details Opening FOUND “HELLO GEORGETOWN” Contents FOUND Moved to the new place, “opening april...”, and the location of the new place “Store located just a few doors down on M Street” Closing


Januar     :"Hi there" Aldi        :"Oh hello" Januar     :"Whats your name?" Aldi        :"Im rivaldi you can call me aldi" Januar     :"oh nice to see you aldi, my name is januar" Aldi        :"nice to meet you too januar" Januar     :"How old are you, aldi?" Aldi        :"Im 15 years old and you?" Januar     :"im 15 too, where do you live aldi?" Aldi        :"I live At jalan cijerah, where do you live januar?" Januar     :"I live at jalan cijoho" Aldi        :"Ohh cijoho its very far from my home" Januar     :"yeahh I know. Its very far" Aldi        :"whats your favourite subject at senior highschool 3?" Januar     :"I love science, especially biology, whats yours?" Aldi        :"Cool, I like math better than science" Januar     :"why?" Aldi        :"Because i like counting more than reading and memorize less…

It's me

hello my name is januar budi ghifari my nickname is januar i was born in bandung 24th of january 2002. i live at jalan cijoho no2, cikaso baru, bandung. right now, im studying at senior high school 3, class X science 8. i like to play some games in my spare time. the kind of game that i like is fps or first person shooter. counter strike global offensive is right now my favourite.